What are the different ways to log into WHM Reseller?

Web Host Manager (WHM), is a program that allows you administrative access to your WHM Reseller hosting account.
To access the WHM login page, simply add ‘/whm to the end of your domain name in your browser’s address bar. If your domain name is example.com you would enter ‘example.com/whm’.

You can also enter the following URLs to login to WHM Reseller:




There is one more way to log into your WHM Reseller dashboard, but for that you need to perform the steps given below:

Step::1 Login to your Redserverhost’s Client area

Step::2 Then go to My Services under Services section

Step::3 Next click on the green coloured “Active” button.

Step::4 Now click on “Login to WHM” in the left hand sidebar panel.

It will redirect you directly to the WHM Reseller dashboard without asking for login credentials.

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